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Creation and implementation of innovative projects in the Production, Distribution and Logistics, Retail and Services sectors.

Mobile Applications and Technologies for Professional Services.

At CodeOne we believe that those who achieved practical success have the best tools and insight to advise. We know that professional mobile app consultants must carry the wealth of hands-on experience in business and industry specifics to provide competent assistance.

Standing by our word, we tap in almost 20 years of industry-rich expertise in mobile application, for professional use, development to guide and aid businesses in their mobile initiatives. Our mobile app consulting includes device compatibility consulting, MVP and PoC development, features or usability improvement of current mobility solutions as well as an implementation of new app concepts from scratch.

Looking for Professional Mobile Applications solutions of the future?

Challenge us! Our commitment is to present you reliable, cost-effective and end-to-end solutions, to help your company rise to the logistic challenges of tomorrow.

Technological Solutions for Data Collection in a Mobile Environment for the Professional Market.


As a software development company, we develop custom software solutions for businesses in a variety of industries.

CodeOne’s solutions are customized to specifically fit to solve an organization problem or needs.

Warehouse Voice Picking & Labor Training

Warehouse Voice Picking & Labor Training

No paperwork and "hands-free" process optimization makes it one of the ideal solutions for a safer workplace.

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RFID Tracking Systems

RFID Tracking Systems

The adoption of RFID in the warehouse offers a range of advantages, including improved visibility, automation, accuracy, and security.

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Real-time Delivery Temperature Tracking

Real-time Delivery Temperature Tracking

Real-time temperature monitoring in the cold supply chain is indispensable for maintaining product integrity, meeting regulatory requirements, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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