About us

If Portuguese companies are to overcome the challenges facing them, they need a lot more than just adequate solutions limited to resolving problems. Every business requires partners who can not only propose, but also implement solutions that will maximise their investment and make a decisive contribution towards achieving excellent results.

CodeOne has the capacity to provide such solutions thanks to a team experienced in automatic identification and data capture, not to mention its high-quality products and determination to constantly upgrade the standard of its technical services and installation and support capacity. All this justifies the company’s position as market leader and ensures the foundation of solid partnerships. CodeOne’s solutions aim to optimise automatic identification and data capture processes in the distribution chain so that companies can provide a better service and boost their competitiveness in the area of distribution (from large department stores to medium-sized shops), as well as in industry.

Each company requires a unique approach to its method of data capture and processing. In order to be functional, this method must also be compatible with the applications and basic rules of its business. CodeOne therefore works in close partnership with customers to ensure that the equipment, IT system and specific know-how will be integrated into the project as effectively as possible.